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Founded in 1996, Speed Wire, Inc. is a full-service technology deployment service company. The company has been leading the industry by quickly educating their teams in current and emerging technologies. Clients rely on Speed Wire for quick, efficient, and cost-effective deployment services in areas such as IT, Broadband/Telecom, Security, Wireless, Enterprise Solutions, Connected Home, and Smart Energy projects. With over 750 technicians across 40 office locations, Speed Wire offers clients deployment services to industrial, commercial, and residential locations nationwide.

Business Problem

Immediately Train Hundreds of Newly Hired Installation Technicians

Speed Wire’s client, a large multinational telecommunications company, was preparing to launch a new home security and automation offering to consumers. With Speed Wire in charge of deploying the field technicians or the roll-out of the service, the company needed to immediately train hundreds of newly hired installation technicians. With only one month before the training was going to begin across multiple cities, the company looked to implement a training solution – to support the volume of technical training required for the project.

“With our current training staff, there was no way we could train the number of new field technicians required to support our client’s monthly product launches,” said Jeff Thrutchley, National Director of Training at Speed Wire. “We needed to partner with a learning provider who could quickly identify and deliver expert training professionals to fulfill our demand for training.” Speed Wire stands behind the quality of services they deliver so it was essential for the technicians to be successfully trained on the skills to complete the scoping, installation, configuration, and troubleshooting of the new service offering.

Selection Process 

This project was the first time Speed Wire considered partnering with a learning provider to train their employees. An employee at Speed Wire recommended The Training Associates (TTA) based on the company’s reputation for training delivery excellence. After performing some due diligence work including, researching TTA’s industry recognition for learning services, they reached out to TTA to consult on and scope the project.

After discussing the project requirements in detail, Speed Wire selected TTA based on TTA’s ability and experience to identify qualified trainers to expertly handle the training delivery of the project from implementation through successful completion. “We turned to TTA to expand our training capabilities,” said Thrutchley. “The process was simple. We discussed the project with TTA and they delivered us the expert training talent who matched our technical and industry experienced requirements.”

“The on-demand contractor model was perfect for our fluctuating schedule. It delivered us cost savings and it’s great to know you are only paying for productive time.” — Jeff Thrutchley, National Director of Training, Speed Wire.

TTA Solution 

The TTA solution included instructor-led training (ILT) and logistical management. Drawing from TTA’s network of training professionals, TTA promptly provided Speed Wire with a dozen qualified trainers for consideration. Since it was essential for the company to use trainers who possessed the right cultural fit and training style, Speed Wire conducted web conference screening to observe their chosen trainers. From this evaluation process, Speed Wire selected three training professionals, regionally located, to support the training delivery for the US East and West Coast training locations.

The trainers attended a two-week train-the-trainer session. They also participated in Speed Wire’s orientation program to gain additional knowledge of the company’s culture, values, and customer expectations. Following the event, the trainers conducted individual teach backs of the content and were then deployed to deliver ILT training sessions. The training was conducted across 17 locations over the course of a year.

Future Uses  

Speed Wire will consider using TTA in the future for other learning services. “The schedule was fluid – changing from class to class,” said Thrutchley. “The trainers were able to think on their feet and make modifications month to month. The quality and experience of the trainers is why we will rely on TTA for other learning projects.”