Tera Griesmer is a Project Manager who thoughtfully strategizes with clients and vendors to create the perfect learning experience for the client. Tera is proud to be at TTA because of the exceptional culture and relationship-minded approach that TTA delivers. Strong relationships between Project Managers, talent, and clients is one of the major bullet points that sets TTA apart from other leaders in the industry.

Tera loves working in the L&D industry where a limitless number of people are positively impacted by each project or training initiative. L&D doesn’t end when the project is complete; the impact of development is lifelong and positively influences every person the learner interacts with. To be a part of that is such a rewarding experience.

Tera’s service to other people; her team, the client, and her family motivate her to work hard. If she was to select another profession, it would be psychology.as the human mind is a fascinating thing.

Tera lives in West Michigan with her husband, three kids, and two dogs. She is an outdoor enthusiast and loves camping, Lake Michigan, hiking, and leisure bike rides along the trails near her home.

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tera family
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