Trainer Quality Monitoring

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Systematic Review of TTA Expert Talent Effectiveness

Our competitive compensation and continual pipeline of interesting and challenging engagements enables us to attract and retain the highest quality learning and development (L&D) professionals in the industry. TTA’s instructors have proven successes in adult learning methodologies and their fields of expertise.

At TTA, we continuously monitor the quality of our talent to evaluate and develop our L&D professionals to their fullest potential. To ensure the quality and effectiveness of our L&D professionals, we adhere to the following procedures:

Three-Step Process:
  • We provide quality control before, during, and after the engagement to ensure that client, student, and instructor expectations are being met and that potential issues are addressed immediately. Instructional designers and content developers are monitored via regular benchmark check-ins with both the client and IDD professional
Student Evaluations (Trainers): 
  • For each engagement, we require that all students complete evaluations of both trainer performance and course content
Review and Scoring (Trainers):
  • We immediately review student evaluations from each engagement and document the results in the trainer’s record
  • Occurs automatically if evaluation scores fall below our established baseline, appropriate actions are taken