Humor Leadership 101

Lead With Laughs

We have been conditioned to believe that work isn’t ​”the time or place to laugh,” but studies have conclusively shown that this couldn’t be further from the truth. In a time with so much uncertainty and new challenges in the workplace, it’s time that leaders break away from the old ways of thinking and lean into new, more creative ways to solve problems. Discover why humor can be a powerful tool in inspiring creativity, productivity, and a collaborative workplace culture.

During the Humor Leadership 101 webinar, David will share the power of humor in leadership. He’ll show us how leaders have effectively used humor, the power of humor in problem-solving, and four types of humor that are most effective. He will also share the side effects of effective humor use in the workplace, such as:

  • Improved creativity
  • Expanded problem-solving skills
  • Lower workplace stress
  • Boosted productivity and engagement
  • Enhanced communication
  • Improved trust and collaboration skills

With a renewed culture of laughs, organizations and their leaders can capitalize on the power of humor.

Meet The Presenter

David Horning HeadshotCombining 8 years of comedy with 6 years of speaking, David Horning is on a mission to prepare teams for the shifting workplace of the 21st century. He has entertained and inspired audiences to use humor as a tool to build resilience, relieve stress, and strengthen collaboration skills with programs that turn traditional leadership on its head. In 2019, he founded Water Cooler Comedy, a company offering customized corporate comedy shows, keynotes, workshops, leadership consulting, and more.