Webinar: Lead with Trust

The Science of Inspiring Remote Teams to Peak Performance

A recent Gallup poll revealed that just one in three employees strongly agree that they trust the leadership of their organization. Trust is the essence of leadership because it is impossible to lead people who don’t trust you. Distrust in leadership can have a ripple effect that negatively impacts employee morale, engagement, and performance. The good news is that trust can be restored!

During the Lead with Trust webinar, Dr. Jeb Hurley will share the formula for building exceptional teams that revolve around learning to lead with trust. He’ll show us how to use brain science to decipher the three key behaviors at the heart of trust-centered leadership. With a renewed culture of trust, organizations will find better performance, faster innovation, and greater mental health within your teams.

Key Webinar Takeaways

  • You’ll understand the connection between trust & performance.
  • You’ll discover the power of learning to Lead with Trust.
  • You’ll learn the formula to inspiring peak performance and the science behind the three key behaviors that drive it.
  • You’ll see software that turns the formula – the brainware – into habits that stick.

Meet The Presenter

Jeb Hurley headshotDr. Jeb Hurley holds a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership with a research focus on human motivation, engagement, and team effectiveness, along with MBA and BSBA degrees. Jeb is the author of Team Relationship Management (2019), and The ONE Habit (2017), along with over 70 articles on team behavior and leadership.