Kevin Jason is the VP of Business Operations. Kevin oversees the Project Management, Recruiting, and Sales Teams and the execution of TTA’s operational initiatives. Kevin is proud and excited to be a part of TTA because of the supportive culture & team, the challenges within his role, and the value TTA provides in the L&D space.

Kevin has spent over 20 years in the software development and delivery industry. Most recently, he worked in eCommerce and successfully delivered implementations to a variety of clients. L&D is a new career space for Kevin, and he loves that the work takes him across multiple businesses and organizations. Kevin is passionate about continuously growing and learning while helping others.

Working hard provides Kevin with a sense of achievement. Having a high motivation to succeed and the gratification that comes along with success keeps Kevin engaged and focused. Additionally, being a role model for his kids (Kendall and Connor) by demonstrating the results of hard work and persistence is extremely important to Kevin. If he ever had to start over and select a new profession, it would be either Financial Planning or Substance Use Counseling.

Kevin is a lifelong Massachusetts resident and currently lives in Worcester. From September through February, Kevin spends his Sundays soaking in NFL coverage from noon to midnight. He also enjoys traveling, cooking (especially BBQ!), and all the life-long duties of being a father and dad to his two amazing kids.

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