Lena MacKinnon is a Project Coordinator who ensures that upcoming projects are implemented successfully. She supports the Operations Team by performing various tasks with the logistics and resources needed to help projects stay on schedule and within budget.

What Lena loves most about working with TTA is not only the great people she gets to work with and the amazing learning and development programs we have to offer, but also putting all the puzzle pieces together to ensure a stellar customer experience.

Lena is motivated to work hard not only to help provide for my family but also because there is a wonderful sense of fulfillment and satisfaction in getting a job done in a timely manner and surpassing all expectations. If she ever was to choose another profession, it would be training Dogs for the K-9 unit for the police.

Lena lives in Michigan with her husband, daughter Maisy, and two dogs, Peanut and Butters. She loves being outdoors as much as she can, especially at their family cottage in Boyne City in Northern Michigan.

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Lena MacKinnon
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